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ABB Showroom Hilltown

The project is situated in the building where ABB Turkey Headquarters is located. In addition, the Hilltown Offices, where the project is located, has showrooms for corporates that are accessible to everyone.

During the design decision-making process, A4 Architecture Studio followed the international guidelines of ABB Company. However, the studio added modern and minimal touches to the design while still adhering to the guidelines. The guidelines were inspired by Kubrick's 2001 Space Odyssey, using white and red as the company's primary colors. ABB is always ahead in its occupational field, and as a design parameter, our studio aimed to eliminate all edges from the corners to achieve a smoother, futuristic approach.

The edgeless design and the lack of visible connections between vertical and horizontal construction elements create a feeling of being inside a spaceship. One cubicle element serves as a tribune, with a meeting room underneath and a collaboration area on top. The white walls are uninterrupted, except for the red podiums where ABB exhibits its robotics. There are screens on the sides displaying stories or advertisements. The big TV screen in front of the tribune is used for educational purposes or presentations to their clients.

I was involved in the design process, responsible for drawing applications, and attending weekly meetings either in the construction area or via remote video calls with my team. The project was completed in two months, including design, application drawings, and construction.

Hilltown, Maltepe/İstanbul, Türkiye


Design Team

A4 Architecture
Photos by Ali Bekman

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