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Bayrisczhell Housing

Bayrischzell is located in the middle of the beautiful Mangfal Mountains at the foot of the Wendelstein and the Sudelfeld. The mountains, forests, meadows and rivers of this unique landscape have a dominant presence in all locations of this old community. The village structure is characterized by the typical traditional Alpine Bavarian architecture. The established settlement structure in combination with the traditional building typologies found gives Bayrischzell its own unmistakable identity.

The development should be integrated as naturally as possible into the urban context and use the special features of the property to the advantage of the quality of the apartments. 3 courtyard arrangements of 3 individual buildings each are chosen, which mainly open to the south. The arrangement creates intimacy for the new residents and at the same time valuable green communal areas with a high quality of stay. The individual building forms the natural end of the building ensemble and at the same time defines the spacious green space up to Tannermühlstraße between the Lockschuppen and the existing apartment building. The free space created around the lock shed is intended to underline its future importance as a cultural and community center. The lockshed has beautiful lines of sight from east and west and is accessible on foot from both sides. A small coffee or restaurant could be placed on the gable end.


Bayrischzell, Germany


Design Team

Dorte Mandrup A/S
Renders by Kvant_1

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