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Calimali Library

Calimali is the place where usually people who are over forty spend time at noon, others spend the time at night doing sports. It contains lots of trees and natural beauty inside. It is in the valley surrounding two parallel hills. Due to the valley, it is pretty quite spaced that we can maintain, and it is close to Milan. Therefore they are not seeking the nightlife. Lack of the needs of villages on tops on hills has been required more library that you can not only to stay, to read but also, to use surround somehow.

What is the library then? What should it be?

The libraries have many forms according to locations. However, inside of libraries should be cozy to give comfort as much as a house. Besides shouldn't give comfort in order to make the people inside sleepy. In that way, nature shows up itself. Nature always gives us a relaxing feeling when we see from the safe box where we live in with sound and everything. In that manner, we decided to do put glasses more than usual and well located to obtain sunlight avoiding having not directly.

While designing the library, it is influenced by the image of houses as a child draws as modernized. There are two floors in design. The ground floor aligned parallel to the river to see going down from the hill. The top has a perpendicular angle from bottom to reach all the people and make sure it will visible. Milan and North part of it is cold, and the house must be had zero energy. We don't want to divide a place with columns as well. In that case, steel was the perfect material for both its recycle and can reach huge span with thin dimensions. Having passive insulation is already made walls very thick, and not provide a thermal bridge, insulation covers all over the building. Steel and hitch of roof work perfectly in that sense.

The process was making a library with everything design in Milan's conditions in detail. The map was done in the field, with 3D points by a laser scanner and total station. Merging all the points gives a precise location for building in order to close reality as well as the calculation of structure elements.

Master - Polimi

Fagnano Olona, VA, Italy


Design Team

Baran Akkoyun
Harrison Wagor
İsmail Cem Aslan

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