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Danone Office in Yapıkredi Plaza

The Istanbul headquarters of Danone, a successful company in the food sector, was designed with inspiration from its corporate identity. The Danone team desired contemporary working environments, so they have two separate offices in Istanbul, Buyukhanli and YapiKredi Plaza. To ensure that both offices have the same design language, A4 Architecture undertook the interior design of both office structures. As the YapiKredi Plaza office is smaller, the design of this office was executed by a member of the studio's work division. The project was carried out with strong communication between the teams, aiming to make both designs resemble each other and utilizing the Danone team's inventory.

When approaching this budget-friendly office design, we anticipated that fixed cabinets and shared workspaces would need to be redesigned. Instead, we modernized the existing structures with small touches without compromising their corporate identity, using a wood-dominant design to create a warm atmosphere. For this project, I was responsible for the furniture drawings, layout design, 3D drawings and renders, and application drawings.

Levent, Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Türkiye


Design Team

A4 Architecture

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