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Eskişehir Goverment Building

Eskişehir, as known Darylaion in Greek and Dorylaeum in Latin when between antique age and middle age. South of ruined and abandoned Darylaion, was occurred civilization and became Eskişehir. There are two streams in Eskişehir. Porsuk stream which divide the city into two pieces, separate from River of the Sakarya. People who live Eskişehir Center, use the stream as transportation, beach and touristic. Besides, the stream surrounded by restaurants and cafés in the center. Continental climate dominate the weather. The climate can changeable. Between the noon and night, the change of the climate can be felt, and topography is flat widely.

If we consider climate change in day and year, continental climate afforded the building t get ideal heat and the such a big facility lose energy from air condition. Using double façade the energy lose can be affordable. Especially, summers. There are parking areas and some paths with curved edges like streets of “Odunpazarı”. The water surround the building can much more magnificent and garish to be. Also, they create border to not get closer building. Governor use him/her entrance. It is small but surround by glass to seen by people who enter main entrance, and him/her car can get off n front of the entrance. There is a huge hall inside the building between start point to end point. This symbolizes Porsuk stream, and Eskişehir with bridge which connected two-sided. The windows designed randomly although, every room can benefit from sunlight enough.

The complex consist from three functions on the site. Government Office is the main structure on the project and also there are two other functional proposals. A courthouse and internal revenue office. Square is the main highlight on the complex because it connects users from all three functions. It is like a central point of a city, so it is placed on the intersection of the axes.


Eskişehir, Turkey


Design Team

Baran Akkoyun

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