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Iceberg Theater

The project concerned the intention to give a new element of public life and entertainment in the city of Naumburg (Germany). The project’s area is placed along one of the main axes and closes to the public’s city centre, in straight relation with the most important landmarks of the area. The new elements consist of a series of buildings and new green urban’s areas integrated with old and history placed in a relation dominated by the pre-existence. Indeed, new axes described by new buildings are parallel to the main old one, with the exception only about the main staircase, in order to break the existing grid and make more visible new connections and flows. This last element characterizes the development of the urban space creating a new level of the public square, that in the meantime can be connection and “monument”.

The name “iceberg” try to recall an idea of “promenade architectural”, where the real aim of the building can be discovered only by spectator’s motion into space. This idea of the partially hidden project is based on a hierarchy given by the use of different kind of privacy: public, semipublic and private spaces. Into the site old buildings are used in relation to the new function of the district about arts, music, dance, and entertainment; two main prison’s building is used as a school of art and residence for students and performers (based on the example of Scala of Milano).

The process was making a library with everything design in Milan's conditions in detail. The map was done in the field, with 3D points by a laser scanner and total station. Merging all the points gives a precise location for building in order to close reality as well as the calculation of structure elements.

Master - Polimi

Naumburg, Germany


Design Team

Baran Akkoyun
Harrison Wagor
Görkem Kınık

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