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Pera School of Architecture

The school designed for Beyoğlu, İstanbul district that has known Pera in the past. Nowadays, Pera which means is the opposite shore, is named for Tepebaşı area. This area is near the İstiklal Street which is the most spectacular place with both crowd, store and most important historical places. There are buildings that belong to past, next to area to design school. There are TÜSİAD building which is old and abuse, Pera Museum which is numbered modern museum in Turkey, and Pera Hotel which entertain Agatha Christie and people who are famous as well as her.

Location of design area is higher as much as can see Golden Horn above the Kasımpaşa Houses. This side is also south side means totally source of sun to use inside of school building. Therefore, construction can be seen with four façades but more south-west. When TRT building will be demolished, TÜSİAD will have façade without a window. The façade use as creating a street between school and the historical building. In that way, the historical building distinguish itself like sculpture. Besides, this idea gives me one more elevation to show my structure for more clear perception. The school building will build for architecture students, hence all construction can be perceived from outside. Whole elevation cover by glass with curtain which is hanging outside of building, and can switch on/off to open curtain with remote control. That change elevation perception, constantly.


Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey


Design Team

Baran Akkoyun

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