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Sambou Toura Drame School

A circle can be formed anywhere, from a tribe coming together, to share an event, to celebrations, to gathering around the fire.
​A circle is the representation of completion, wholeness, and harmony.
A circle is on the lands of Africa, on its nature, on its solidarity spirit, on its traditional Muslum huts, on its dances, on its enthusiastic fabrics.
A circle is on the sun and on the moon when we look up.

In this place, the uniqueness of an individual is non-contestable, but it is not separable from its connection with its own cultural circle.

For this reason, when forming the class units, it was aimed to create a new fluidity and to obtain more space by sliding the parts of the whole that would stand together by leaning each other's back and helping each other. This space can only make sense in its entirety.

Protected under a single roof, this school creates a whole of vistas and geometries that dance with each other. When it comes to the system of this whole, this roof is designed in two pieces with opposite slopes to make it visually more permeable. Gutters are placed to the inner and outer sides of the inclined roofs to collect rainwater from the water tanks. One tank serves to latrines while another is to the orchard. Also, 2 other tanks located in the lunch preparation area. The excess water that cannot reach the tanks is also discharged from the east side of the school through the gutter system.

Rammed earth was chosen as the construction technique since it does not require the use of any advanced skills, and it is a durable, sustainable, and economical solution. It is considered to be an appropriate technique for this region, which has plenty of clay soil. Besides, all its components could be provided in close proximity. A mixture of local clay, sand, gravel could be used. A concrete foundation and a concrete beam on the top of the walls are suggested. Vierendeel beams pass through all the structures and connect them with the trusses of the inclined coverings. A cantilevered roof protects the walls from heavy rainfalls.

In conclusion, there is a school in which cooperation and unity are formed by opening up space for each other. There is a school without compromising constructability and functionality.

Attender - Archstorming Competition

Marsassoum, Senegal


Design Team

Baran Akkoyun
Dilek Sehem Hüzmeli
Esma Gül Aydeniz

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