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SEN House

There is no standard design for sighted people, just as there is no standard design for blind people either. All people have their unique way of using and perceiving spaces. Therefore, the main point of the design was complying with the existing routine of the user while increasing ease in daily household activities. At the same time, it is aimed to create a sensorial space perception by stimulating non-visual senses. A textured floor path navigates the user through the daily activities and increases the space control only by tactile sense. The tree and the fountain in the courtyards and plant gardens in the hallway are helping to enhance user’s orientation sense in the surrounding spaces via auditory and olfactory stimulation.

Sen House is located on the Bodrum, a coastal city in southwestern Turkey, and reflects the vernacular architectural features of the region.

The user of the house is working as a chef in a local restaurant. She wakes up with the rustling of tree leaves and the birds singing in the courtyard. She likes to feel sunlight on her skin during early morning yoga practice on the south corner of the house. She experiments in the kitchen with vegetables and fruits she grows by herself. She throws amazing dinner parties accompanied by the happy flow of the fountain.

Finalist - Bee Breaders

Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey


Design Team

Baran Akkoyun
Dilek Sehem Hüzmeli
Esma Gül Aydeniz

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