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The Floating Museum

Gelibolu has a lot of history inside, especially for war. For location that Bosporus to reach Marmara Sea and Black Sea, Gelibolu used to interest ships and shipyards. Until all years. We can see the part of castle that next to our project area, and it is important for aborigines as well as Piri Reis. Nowadays, the castle is used as a museum to exhibit maps of Piri Reis and little ware belongs to him. There are two little harbours both next to castle and in front of castle.

Harbor surround with cafés and restaurants. There will be changed huge harbor for yacht instead of harbor to ferry. The project area has the most crowed path not only car but also pedestrian. The museum has a roof to use for pedestrian and there is an open courtyard as a semi-public space. The courtyard’s shape has an arc like ship, and we can feel the size how much ship made in the Ottoman, is big in realty. This shape is shown inside directly as part of the wall. That means; outside, the ship is abstract by museum, but the inside there is full size. On the other hand, the poles are sunk into the museum as are the ship. The poles are also obtaining sun energy. Their roof surfaces is like wave on the sea.


Çanakkale, Turkey


Design Team

Baran Akkoyun

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