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The Wave

“The shore is an ancient world, for as long as there
has been earth and sea there has been this place of
the meeting of land and water.”
-Rachel Carson

Here is the home of the thousands of forgotten stories, the witness of numerous journeys. The shore! The ultimate transition point between the sea and the land. The waves are the narrating the stories of the sea, carry them tothe land. For those who listen.

A wave was the muse of the rethinking of the design of this harbor. It all starts with a crash to the fronting structure -the watchtower. This structure helps the wave calmly carry its adventure to the inner parts. As in a wave, fluidity and continuity were prioritized for the user scenarios. While the service entrances and spaces were placed to the quay level, the circulation of visitors was directed to the bridge level which conveniently interacts with all buildings. Thus, the bridge became an active street. The use of spaces was
fed by the poetic landscape experience. The same principles continued to prevail in the redesign of the beach. While creating the view terraces on the sloped topography, sea pools are placed in the middle of similar terraced points to enhance the beach experience.

Finalist - Young Architects Competition

Marina Di Loano/Savona, Italy


Design Team

Baran Akkoyun
Dilek Sehem Hüzmeli
Esma Gül Aydeniz

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