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The Zedro Tower

Drop Tower is a linear building which is used for scientific research. It is 150 meters high and cylinder shape with concrete tube. The air, inside it, is vacuum by scientists to provide the space conditions. On the top of the building a capsule is dropped and behavior of it is searched by scientist. It is ground based research which causes great advantage because to send things to space is extremely expensive. Istanbul is a metropolis with 15 million people who live. Every year the population of Istanbul increases. Main architectural character is its silhouette with old towers, minarets, tall buildings. The aspect of it from the sea has been changing year by years. The capital of 3 big imperial located there. Their cultural and historical traces are felt by visitors. Ataturk airport was built in 1910 out of center of Istanbul. After growing of the city, it is located in one of the important center. But it occurs some problems with usage of airport which did not have enough space for big city’s needing. The government decided to move the airport to another place which occurs that area need to be urban renewal. Airports have one connection with the city because of security problems. They have borders with surrounding area which must be rethought with urban aspects.

Thesis - Polimi Master

İstanbul Atatürk Havaalanı/İstanbul, Turkey


Design Team

Baran Akkoyun
Görkem Kınık

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