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Women's Shelter

Rumeli Kavagı is on seaside in Istanbul. The few places are untouched like there. The living people is mostly fisher and relatives of each others. They cannot accept the foreign people in their village. In that way, they recognize the strangers, immediately. There are two-way to enter the village. On the seaside, and among their mountains. Each bus and minibus, use the square to last station. In summer, the numbers of people who visit there, rapidly rising. Their beaches can used by their kind of people.

In considering the design process, to thinking environment is important as much as considering women psychology. Especially nowadays, and edge of the only forest of Istanbul and Bosporus. At the present time, we do not even waiting to get old buildings. We just destroyed, and polluting the environment. In that way, there not much material to be recycled, like steel. However, steel can be cold material to see at home otherwise expensive as well. Nevertheless, the light gauge steel framing is much stronger than concrete and much more conservationist. Besides, instead of destroyed nature, scrap of cars can be annihilated to turn into houses.

Domestic abuse effects on children much more mothers. They rise with it, and they used to it. Although mothers who were savaged, attacks their children with yelling or what be exposed to savage their selves. Inspiration from houses drawing by children dream. Like children drawing, the triangle form is preserved. Beyond the preserved, the triangle form is revealed. Glasses are aggrandized into whole elevation. The glass makes building can be seen, and human-being do not afraid seen. The inside welcomes you and invite you to go into it. Between facility and outside, there are walls due to wall occurs feeling of protection.


Sarıyer/İstanbul, Turkey


Design Team

Baran Akkoyun

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